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Rum Gully's Oscar Wild of Celtic Folds. British Shorthair.

Rum Gully's Oscar Wild of Celtic Folds
Blue and White British Shorthair


Born : 04/05/10
Sire: GC, RW Kaloofa Ozzie Boomerang
Dam: Caradoc Confetti Rainne 

As many of my customers know, I've only had one stud since I started Celtic Folds. Cromwell was my first and only stud for 5 years.
At the end of 2014 he got a urinary tract infection which rendered him sterile (unknown to me, he can't eat dry cat food as it causes crystals that block his urinary tract). Cromwell has been retired to a loving home. I searched desperately for a replacement as my females were having heats and not getting settled (this is dangerous) and a good hearted breeder sent Oscar (thank you Barbara!). He was not being used because she had his Grand Champion father. Since Oscar is older, I've purchased a replacement kitten which will be breed-able next year and Oscar too will retire and go to a loving home.

Oscar has a large round face with big jowls which is what you want in a British Shorthair. He's a big cat and weighs close to 12 lbs. He is more into cats and less into people but he likes for me to pet him. He is also a talker. His sire Kaloofa Ozzie Boomerang is blue and is a Grand Champion and Regional Winner. He was CFA Best of Breed at Nationals in 2005-2006. His mother is Caradoc Confetti Rainne and is a dilute calico. You can see photos of both his parents on the Pedigree page.



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